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沃倫·洛塔斯(Warren Lotas)创造維茲·哈利法(Wiz Khalifa)批准的定制服

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

DIY designer and all-around creative Warren Lotas started painting on clothes for a simple reason: "The stuff what I wanted just wasn't around." Aesthetically, Lotas' garments are an amalgam of experiences; be it biker culture, horror movies or old episodes of The Simpsons. With a little bit of help from fashion wunderkinds Luka Sabbat and Austin "Asspizza" Butts, Lotas' hand-painted flannels, jeans and jackets have ended up on celebrities like Wiz Khalifa — yes, he is responsible for some of Wiz's 'cool pants' that Kanye West alluded to in that infamous, 17-part Twitter exchange.

Lotas dropped by HYPEBEAST to talk shop and paint a custom, one-of-one denim jacket.

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